MBA Studies at NTU

MBA Studies at NTU

On this page you can find presentations and documents which were written either entirely by myself or which were created by a working group in which I participated. These presentations and documents were required contributions during my MBA studies at the Nanyang Business School, and they are listed according to the respective course number.
The documents are presented “as is” and do not claim to be of superior quality. In fact, some documents may be good, others may be bad, and there is no guarantee that the document fulfills the requirements of the course subject.
This page entirely serves as a repository for my fellow students in order to exchange files with them.

B6004: Statistical and Research Methods (T2)

B6005: Financial Management (T1)

B6010: Organizational Behaviour (T1)

B6011: Financial Accounting (T3)

B6012: Managerial Accounting (T3)

B6013: Economic Analysis (T2)

B6014: E-Commerce (T1)

B6015: Corporate & Business Strategy (T2)

B6040: Business Study Mission to Shanghai (T2)

B6080: Supply Chain and Logistics Management (T1)

B6090: Chinese Classics and Business Strategies (T4)

B6545: Technology Foundations for E-Commerce (T4)

B6548: Enterprise Systems (T3)

B6559: Business Process Reengineering (T5)

B8081: Managing in Asia – Issues and Ethics (T4)

B8554: Mobile Commerce (T2)

  • Presentation, Report, SMS File Structure, WAP Files, Internet Survey: EventPlanner (2.3MB)

IR6004: International Relations in Northeast Asia (T5)

CISP: Strategic Management of Logistics Service Providers in Global Supply Networks (T3)