CaipirinhaCaipirinha File & Web Server

The Caipirinha File & Web Server is a Linux machine that stores data for the public and for registered users with valid user accounts.
If you have a user account on this machine, you can access it using SSH, SCP or SFTP.

If you use SSH, SCP or SFTP in order to access the Caipirinha Server, please ensure that your client receives the correct public key and that no "Man-in-the-Middle" attack is taking place. The correct public keys are:

1024 MD5:f4:a5:bc:c7:1b:73:ac:e1:83:57:21:22:1e:46:be:ab root@caipirinha (DSA)
521 MD5:23:0b:da:b4:6d:44:32:83:06:59:05:d4:94:43:27:9f root@caipirinha (ECDSA)
256 MD5:f6:07:bc:d6:11:12:e8:8d:78:c9:42:34:27:1b:97:25 root@caipirinha (ED25519)
4096 MD5:39:c0:a2:6b:59:74:2c:88:e8:4f:20:5e:30:d8:48:35 root@caipirinha (RSA)
1024 SHA256:TR2EKDnkXT8O9JYJUgFfYEVCMk8hh3CKsis5a8S0Fe8 root@caipirinha (DSA)
521 SHA256:597I8jFbRGits3j++NSWS+EyAtrTVGI5nlaJbmsoCfI root@caipirinha (ECDSA)
256 SHA256:4EP9SEHf+oCGGRouK6chvJb+egbQYUkrmis1zgBkf3Y root@caipirinha (ED25519)
4096 SHA256:dzhwbVZ1iIrjctZewuxmsrY9XdefiT4l7ercpH39Oxk root@caipirinha (RSA)

Public webpages:

Protected directories (login required):

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